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we draw comics is a place to draw and create JAM COMICS!

jam comic ['jam kom-ik]
1. a comic book or strip created through the collaboration of multiple people. more...

how does it work?

You draw a panel.

Everyone else
draws a panel.

We keep going
until we make a comic.

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Reflecting on the past 2 years Sep 22nd, 2014

Hey We Draw Comics,

How have you been? I’ve missed you. Last Friday was our birthday. You officially became 2 years old. I’m really not sure what to do about you. I love you and I love the vibrant community that has grown from you. But I know that you have some problems and I know that your community would like some issues addressed. I have been watching. So let’s try and clear some things up and see what we can do about moving forward.

Why doesn’t Tyler update the site anymore?

We Draw Comics is still very much a hobby project. Despite being sponsored by Topatoco, this is really in name and friendship only. I am the only ‘employee,’ I am also the only one who is paying the rather large monthly server fees. At one point I was paying as much as $500 a month to keep We Draw Comics running and performing at an acceptable level. Luckily traffic and usage has dropped considerably  and it only costs me about $150 a month to keep the lights on. But this adds up, it means I need to make at least an extra $1,800 a year just to keep WDC running.

This also means hiring someone is not really an option. People have offered to volunteer and I have not accepted their help, that is my bad. I was really just trying to do too much on my own and being way too precious over my own project and code. I’m sorry about this, and I am going to try and remedy this.

Moving Forward

I have a few ideas with how I would like to proceed with We Draw Comics, but I want to know what everyone here thinks.

  1. It would really make my life a lot less stressful if I was not fully funding the server costs. What are your thoughts on We Draw Comics having a patreon? My goal would be to raise at least $100 a month to help in server fees.
  2. Since We Draw Comics is all about sharing and creating as a group, I would like to start open sourcing the codebase for We Draw Comics. This will ease coordination and allow for official integration by some of our awesome users like Xrott
  3. As part of the monthly patreon goals I will guarantee regularly scheduled updates, the more funding we get, the more time I will have to push updates.
  4. Mobile? I’m not really going to say anything more about this but it is something I have wanted for a long time and with enough funding via patreon I could do.

As per usual I have way more ideas on the subject (often times more ideas than common sense) But I feel that these are the most important ones that are on my mind right now and my decision to go through with them entirely depends on how you respond.

Let’s direct all discussion to this book: http://beta.wedrawcomics.com/books/read/2010


Known Issues

Please read through this list of bugs every once in a while. If there is an unresolved bug on this list that happens to you, please let us know and you can help us debug it!

  • Dangerous Delete Layer Button

    If you hold down the delete layer button it continues to delete layers. After the delete layer is clicked it should no longer delete layers until it is unpressed.

  • Paint Bucket Freeze

    For some users, using the paint bucket multiple times in quick succession can cause the browser to stop responding. This seems to be caused by a memory leak. To avoid this problem, please close all other tabs in your web browser

  • Tiny Brush Size

    For some users, visiting another tab while drawing causes the Wacom plugin to crash. This will cause the size of the brush to permanently decrease. It will also cause strokes to become very jagged and choppy. If you are experiencing this problem please contact me, I am having trouble replicating the issue and any information you have could be helpful.