what is it?

we draw comics is a place to draw and create JAM COMICS!

jam comic ['jam kom-ik]
1. a comic book or strip created through the collaboration of multiple people. more...

how does it work?

You draw a panel.

Everyone else
draws a panel.

We keep going
until we make a comic.

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Francis and Florence

11:37:34 am

Combine 3 Panels into 1 Creature

11:19:24 am

New Kirby Copy Abilities

11:08:34 am

Midnight Signs

6:17:39 pm

A Day in the Life of T.V. Head

5:18:17 pm


4:52:33 pm


The System is Down Oct 6th, 2015

My Amazon EC2 instance is COMPLETELY HOSED! I got an email from Amazon today stating that something on my server is physically broken. I am completely locked out of everything.

I am going to need to start over on a different server. Luckily almost everything is in version control.

This might take a few days to fix. Luckily everyones data and pictures are stored outside the server on the S3 and RDS services.


Known Issues

Please read through this list of bugs every once in a while. If there is an unresolved bug on this list that happens to you, please let us know and you can help us debug it!

  • Dangerous Delete Layer Button

    If you hold down the delete layer button it continues to delete layers. After the delete layer is clicked it should no longer delete layers until it is unpressed.

  • Paint Bucket Freeze

    For some users, using the paint bucket multiple times in quick succession can cause the browser to stop responding. This seems to be caused by a memory leak. To avoid this problem, please close all other tabs in your web browser

  • Tiny Brush Size

    For some users, visiting another tab while drawing causes the Wacom plugin to crash. This will cause the size of the brush to permanently decrease. It will also cause strokes to become very jagged and choppy. If you are experiencing this problem please contact me, I am having trouble replicating the issue and any information you have could be helpful.